High-quality decision making has never been more important & more difficult
So take your organization to the next level with ARiMI Learning Solutions and qualified Risk Professionals


Risk Management professionals need to combine leadership, managerial and technical skills cutting across many fields from strategy, operation, IT, finance HR and so on. This is a combination not easy to find. Hence organizations need ARiMI qualified risk management professionals and ARiMI Certification holders to have the capability to nurture and drive sustainable business performance built on robust Risk Management systems and culture.


The CPRM™ and CERM™ are widely recognised as extremely practical and relevant qualifications for professionals who wish to develop their knowledge and expertise in risk management to be effective their work and build their careers in risk management. We work closely with employers to keep our certifications and professional development programs up-to-date to ensure that our members meet your key business and operational needs. Find out more about our qualifications and the added value your employees will bring to your organization at each stage of their ARiMI Learning Development journey.


Our solutions cover the entire Human Capital life cycle:

Whatever are your needs with regards to making the best use of your human in order to maximize your organization performance in a sustainable way, we have the solutions to answer them.

ARiMI Certification Holders for Employers

HIRING ARiMI Certified & Professional members

Having the Right People at the Right Place is Critical to the Success of your Organization

ARiMI is recognised by organizations in Asia as a key source for talent when looking for Risk, Governance, Compliance & Crisis Management Professionals. So If you are seeking access to a pool of qualified risk management professionals from various functions and industries, you have come to the right place!

Profile for ARiMI CERM Participants


  • Strong academic background
  • International exposure & mindset
  • Rich business experience (min 6+ years with significant time in management)
  • Recognised professional achievements
  • 5 years to over 20 years of experience
  • Strong leadership potential and maturity

With their diversity, professional experience and highly developed practical skills, ARiMI alumni are ready to contribute to ERM success for your company. Hence to meet your talent acquisition needs, ARiMI Career Services can partner with you to help you source talents from risk analyst to Chief Risk Officer levels. The Risk Management Career Center on ARiMI Scale Network is a great platform for Job Offer posting and focused candidate searches. The Career Center database has hundreds of essentially Asia-based risk professionals for you to tap on. 

Employers and recruiters can access the most qualified talent pool with relevant risk management work experience to fulfill staffing or placement needs. Target your recruiting and reach out to qualified candidates quickly and easily. Post your job opening and search resumes that match your posting’s criteria. Contact us to find out more about our solutions.

Develop your people knowledge & skills


Invest in your People to enhance your organization Performance

In a challenging economy, it’s more important than ever to fill the knowledge and skill gaps that may exist in your organization so your people will be able to perform at their best to ride on the next wave of business change and maximize available opportunities of value creation. Effective decision-making requires fundamental and practical understanding of Risk Management Methodologies and Tools.

ARiMI provides you with the latest research, best practices, cutting-edge tools and techniques, and new frameworks and perspectives in Risk and Crisis Management. You will learn from our experienced faculty through innovative programmes and teaching methods.

We are dedicated to serving the professional educational needs in Risk Management of the business community. By offering a wide range of open enrollment and custom programs, the Asia Risk Management Institute assist the professional development of executives, managers, and leaders in all types of firms and organizations. Our promise is to deliver learning solutions steeped in value and opportunity. We invite you to share our commitment to lifelong learning and to enjoy the intellectual stimulation flourishing within ARiMI’s professional learning community.


Your Key Talents are exposed to many Risks. Proactive identifying and managing them is essential for your organization success.

Like any other asset class, there are risks associated with your human capital. The key risk issues are:

  • On one hand, your organization could lose competent staff due to death or disability risk or because your key talent decides to leave your company.
  • On the other hand, there is potential professional competency and integrity risk associated with any staff that join and work for your organization.

At ARiMI, we will help to identify risk issues and design appropriate solutions to resolve them. Contact us to find out more about our solutions


So if you are: 1 – an Employer or 2 – an Executive Search Firm and wishes to find out more about our talents management solutions and/or how to post job offers to our graduates and community members, please complete our Contact Us form and we will get back to you shortly

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