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…soft cyber controls to mitigate known and emerging cyber threats Learn how to manage cyber attacks (recognition, containment, eradication and recovery) to minimise operational, financial and reputational damages Tool Box Cyber risk assessment score cards Penetration testing techniques Cyber risk incident management plan ARiMI cyber risk management guidance paper Who Should Take This Course The following groups of people will find this program particularly beneficial: IT, Information Security Specialists and Managers C-Suite Chief Risk, Financial and Operational Officers CROs / Risk Managers Heads of Department Data & Compliance Officers, Managers and Executives Internal Audit Duration & Date 2 days Course… Read More

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Certified Professional Risk Manager (ARiMI-CPRM)

…reliance on IT, complexity of the supply chain, corporate social responsibility, fragility of reputation and so on have highlighted the vulnerability of organizations to these risk issues. Hence, being able to effectively identify and manage risks & opportunities to make the best possible decisions and improve your performance is quickly becoming a critical management skill as well as a key source of sustainable competitive advantage for organizations. Overall responsibility for risk management resides with senior leadership. However, operational management involves intrinsically taking risk and hence, this requires managers, head of departments and staff to also manage risk effectively. In this… Read More

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