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ARiMI open enrolment programs consist of 16 workshops, 4 master classes and 4 Boot camps which are designed to meet the practical needs of organizations and risk professionals who want to focus on resolving specific risk issues that are particularly relevant to their work and business. These short courses provide in-depth focus on various enterprise-wide risk and value management issues covering topics such as corporate governance, compliance, reputation, fraud, business ethics, risk assessment, cyber risk, performance management, innovation, and so on.


ARiMI Professional Standards define the body of expertise that professionals should aim to acquire in order to build the competencies necessary to manage risk effectively in their organizations.

In this regard, our open enrolment programs are organised around four key dimensions of Risk Management Knowledge & Skills as defined in the ARIMI LECP™ (Leaders, Experts, Champions & Professionals) Professional Learning & Competency Standards; each dimension focuses on delivering critical learning objectives that are highly relevant for organizations as follows:

ARiMI LECP™ Professional Learning & Competency Framework is built on the understanding of what are the key FACTORS – both Personal to the decision-makers (Knowledge, skills, motivation, experience) & Environmental (the organization internal and external context) – that support sound Strategic & Operational DECISION-MAKING and hence are necessary to cultivate to nurture the achievement of sustainable performance in organizations a described below.

The aim of ARiMI open enrolment programs is not just for participants to acquire new knowledge.
More importantly, for them to learn practical methodologies and tools that are necessary to perform well in their work and achieve results for their organizations, and also to develop their own personal and their organizations’ capabilities that are needed to effectively resolve their organizations risk management challenges.
This is to ensure that Risk Management Learning will have a direct and positive impact on corporate performance.

Open Enrolment Training with ARiMI


We have 4 Master Classes to get professionals ready to make difficult decisions and lead their organisations or functions to achieve critical business and operational objectives essential to ensure high and sustainable performance. Each of the Master Classes is either 3 or 4 days long. Click on the links below for more information.

To Build PEOPLE Capabilities – for all Leaders & Managers

To Build ORGANISATIONAL Capabilities – for Risk Professionals

Open Enrolment Training with ARiMI


We have 16 Workshops to allow professionals and organisations to focus specifically on the risk issues and challenges that are of particular relevance to them at a given time in their particular environment. Each module is a 1-day workshop and scheduled to be conducted at least twice a year.

Click on the links below for more information.

For all Decision Makers – Leaders & Managers

For Professionals Responsible for ERM

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Are you looking for courses to explore deeper how to deal with the most complex and difficult Risk Management challenges in today’s global and volatile environment? Sign up for any of our Bootcamps! Each Boot Camp is a 2-day workshop. Click on the links below for more information.

To Develop LEADERS & MANAGERS Capabilities

Advanced Risk Driven Business Models Analysis & Design
Advanced Risk-Based Approach for Problem-Solving & Decision-Maker
Maximising People Engagement Using Gamification Strategies

To Build ORGANIZATIONAL Capabilities

Practical Roadmap for Maturing ERM Transformation in Organizations
Recognizing the Threats & Building Organizational Resilience
9 – 10 June 2020

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If your organization has particular learning needs and objectives that cannot be fully met by our standard open enrolments learning solutions, this is not a problem as we are also able to design and customize training solutions that are specifically tailored to your needs. For more information on our customized programs and our approach to corporate learning and development, click the link below.

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