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ARiMI, the Asia Risk Management Institute is a professional and research body dedicated to support the learning and professional development needs of professionals and practitioners from all industries in the area of risk management. The Scale Network is the community platform created by ARiMI to promote connections and nurture fruitful collaboration efforts between risk practitioners and to encourage the development of effective risk management methodologies, tools and standards and promote their practical application in the workplace. Thus helping organizations to build the solid foundations for sustainable performance.

Benefits of Membership

Through the Scale Network online platform, ARiMI Membership provides ongoing access to a wide range of technical resources, networking opportunities, career support and so on as follows:

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Being a member of the ARiMI Scale Network positions you to:

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    Through the online resource centre, members have wide range of information, tools and educational resources at their disposal

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    Belonging to ARiMI informs employers, colleagues and clients that you invest in being the best risk practitioner you can be

  • Secure a Professional & Career Advantage

    The knowledge, tools and connections you gain through an ARiMI membership will benefit both you, and your organization, enhancing your career development prospects

  • Tap Into New Networking Opportunities

    Membership will give you access to our online community of certified risk professionals coming from a wide range of fields and industries

  • Access to a wide range of CPD activities

    Conferences, white papers, practice guide, training, certification, speaking opportunities, research and surveys and so on. You can choose the right activities to further your own personal development

  • Benefit form Preferential Pricing & Exclusive Discounts

    Membership will come with many extra benefits in terms of preferential pricing and discounts on ARiMI and ARiMI’s partners, events, products and services.

ARiMI’S members Community

Our members come from all over Asia operating across all risk disciplines and industries throughout the commercial, public and not-for profit sectors.

ARiMI is recognised by organizations in Asia as a key source for diverse backgrounds and talents when looking for Risk, Governance, Compliance & Crisis Management Professionals.

Profile for ARiMI CPRM Participants


  • Strong academic background
  • International exposure & mindset
  • Rich business experience (min 6+ years with significant time in management)
  • Recognised professional achievements
  • Age range: 30’s and early 40’s (range from 27 to 68 years old)
  • Strong leadership potential and maturity

Meet some of our ARiMI Alumni Network to see the diversity of backgrounds, positions and industries:


Membership is available to Risk practitioners at every levels in organizations. It is also open to any professionals with any interest in risk management. Whatever your function and situation, there is a membership type that meets your needs.

ARiMI designation holders – ARiMI-CERM™, ARiMI-CPRM™, ARiMI-CRA™, ARiMI-CPRP™, ARiMI-CCRO™ and ARiMI-CCMP™ – can become members of ARiMI Scale Network and have access to the online platform for FREE as Certified BASIC members. For more access and benefits, e.g. complimentary pass to ARiMI Annual Risk Forum, ARiMI designation holders are encouraged to join as a Certified PLUS members. For non-ARiMI Alumni Risk practitioners, you can apply to become an Associate member of the ARiMI Scale Network.

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Risk LEADERS Module – RLM2
Business Ethics, Social Responsibility & Corporate Value Sustainability
Leverage the CSR Agenda to Develop a Moral Code of Conduct to Manage Risks & Create Shared Value



In a world where there is no clear moral compass to guide leaders through dilemmas about what is right or wrong when managing Risks and Opportunities. This module explores the complex ethical and social dimensions of business and provides a framework that will help participants make and justify difficult decisions. It further explores how to build a Business Model based on CSR to create shared-value through a positive impact of an organization's activities on the environment, consumers, employees and other stakeholders.

Click here for more information about the module

Risk LEADERS Module – RLM3
Innovation, Change & Project Risk Management
Drive Projects Successfully with Risk Management



This information-packed module covers the fundamentals of project risk management. You will learn how to establish and implement a structured approach to forecast, monitor and manage risk factors for projects, large and small. You will also learn how you can communicate effectively and share the responsibility of managing project risks with your team members, customers and management.

Click here for more information about the module

Risk EXPERTS Module – REM1
Risk Assessment & Corporate/Project Value Profile Diagnostic
Risk Assessment Methodologies for Strategic & Operational Risk Mapping



Modern organisations are now confronted to an increased level of volatility and complexity in today's global business environment. And to make effective decisions, you will need to conduct a proper diagnostic of the risk profile of your organization. This module will introduce our Value and Risk mapping model, highlights the benefits, and summarizes the method of identifying, analysing risks and developing risk maps. It will also describe several applications, some pretty unconventional, for risk mapping in an organisation.

Click here for more information about the module

Risk EXPERTS Module – REM2
Risk Learning, Communication & Decision Making
A practical Guide to Master Communication of RIsk Information & Enable Effective Risk-Taking



This module provides the techniques and training in developing people who can master the art and science of communicating about risks with the various groups of internal and external stakeholders. Thus, proactively anticipates on risk issues and prevent crises or if a crisis is inevitable, to limit and overcome the damage it creates.

Click here for more information about the module

Risk EXPERTS Module – REM3
Risk Control & Business Continuity Management
A Framework to Build Resilient Risk Management Systems & Solutions to Foster Effective Risk-Taking, Mitigation & Monitoring



This module provides an understanding on the types of ERM Models that can be designed to deal effectively with the risk issues an organization is exposed to. Participants wil learn the Key Risk Controls to Protect your Tangible and Intangible Assets. This module will guide you through a wide range of risk management strategies/interventions, explains how they work and suggests when they are most appropriate.

Click here for more information about the module

Risk EXPERTS Module – REM4
Risk Financing & Transfer Solutions
How to Finance Risks to Your Business and Operations Effectively through the Use of Capital, Insurance & ART Techniques



The module provides a detailed understanding on the wide range and types of losses an organisation is exposed to and the potential financial impacts of those losses. Participants wil learn the Key Risk Financing Techniques to protect the Tangible and Intangible Assets. How and when to select and apply the right financing Techniques and how to analyze carefully the pros and cons associated with the financing techniques of transfer, retention and insurance.

Click here for more information about the module

Risk EXPERTS Module – REM4
KRIs/KPIs Dashboard: Risk Monitoring, Reporting & Improvement
Develop an Effective Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) Dashboard to Measure, Monitor & Improve Organisational Performance in Managing Risks.



Without proper risk metrics, there cannot be any risk management. This module will explore the two dynamic processes of strategic/operational response and continuous change learning that are critical for an effective risk control system. It also explains how they can be explicitly structured and monitored, using a series of reports and Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) and distributed timely to the people who need them to make the right decisions.

Click here for more information about the module

Risk CHAMPIONS Module – RCM1
Designing ERM: Risk Management Frameworks, Systems & Culture
Design an ERM System Adapted to Your Organization's Needs & Maturity to Foster Effective Management of Risks



This module provides a comprehensive framework to design an ERM system and policies adapted to your organization's business needs and maturity, allowing you to address business issues, stakeholders concerns and new regulatory in an efficient and integrated manner. ERM can yield tremendous potential competitive advantage for an organization through an integrated, enterprise-wide perspective on its risk profile aligned with its business model.

Click here for more information about the module

Risk CHAMPIONS Module – RCM2
Implementing ERM: Systems Change & Nurturing a Risk-Aware Culture
Making ERM Part of Your Corporate Culture DNA to Create the Conditions for Effective Risk Information Sharing & Decision-Making



This thought provoking and practical module will give participants an insight into the various ERM change methodologies and models, and their implications for corporate systems and culture transformation. You will learn a project implementation roadmap on how to nurture the type of risk-aware culture able to learn and adapt to continuous changes in the environment, and thus creating sustainable value for your organization.

Click here for more information about the module

Risk CHAMPIONS Module – RCM3
Sustaining ERM: Managing Changes, Crises & Business Sustainability
Protect Your Organization's Present & Future with Effective Crisis Management & Communication Preparedness



This module emphasizes on the importance of ERM to build the organizational capability for contnuous learning and business renewal. It provides a roadmap to deal with change and crises with a practical problem-solving approach and a focus on the importance of system resilience, stakeholders' perceptions management, effective crisis communication and preparedness in preventing or controlling crisis situations.

Click here for more information about the module

Corporate Reputation & Stakeholders Risk Management
Manage Your Reputation as a Strategic Asset to Create Competitive Advantage in the Marketplace



In today’s volatile and competitive world, the value of corporate reputation is a key component of business and organizational performance. This module provides participants with a road map on how to manage Reputation as a strategic asset to create competitive advantage in the marketplace. It covers how to manage communication with key stakeholders to build a strong relationship and a survival guide on how to preserve reputation through a crisis.

Click here for more information about the module

Corporate Governance & Risk Management
Strengthen Corporate Governance to Promote Transparency, Accountability and Effectiveness in Management Practices



Corporate collapses and the financial crisis have highlighted the weaknesses of existing internal controls and risk management systems and the need for a higher level of corporate governance to better align and protect the diverging interests of the various stakeholders in the corporate “game”. This module will guide you through a comprehensive plan on how to strengthen corporate governance by promoting transparency, accountability and effectiveness in management practices.

Click here for more information about the module

Corporate Ethics, Fraud & Compliance Risk Management
Leverage Regulatory Compliance Requirements to Create Value with Risk Management, and Combatting Fraud with Strong Corporate Ethics & Effective Prevention/Detection Systems



This practical module will provide you with the most updated current methodologies and best practices to protect your organization against fraud with strong corporate ethics, effective prevention and detection systems. Participants will also understand the extent to which organizations are exposed to the ever-increasing regulatory environment, how to identify the risk and compliance issues that have most significance and how to integrate and leverage a compliance management program within the ERM system of your organization.

Click here for more information about the module

Corporate Control, Internal Audit & Risk Management
Best Practices for Auditing Risk Management & Conducting Effective Risk-Based Internal Audit



This module provides a practical roadmap on how to conduct effective Risk-Based Internal Audit (RBIA). You will learn how you can employ risk-based methodologies in planning and conducting audits to provide assurance on the adequacy of integrated risk management practices and management control frameworks.

Click here for more information about the module

Corporate Performance & Human Capital Risk Management
Enhance Your Human Capital Resilience & Productivity Using Risk Management, and Reward Real Performance through Risk-Adjusted Performance Management Systems



This module presents a methodology that maps the human relationships in organizations to identify where and how they affect organization performance. You will learn how you can influence your people and nurture the type of behavior & culture that supports sustainable value creation for your organization. This module will also teach you how to develop and use the right risk-adjusted Key Performance Indicators to drive your people’s behavior and support your business performance. By linking unambiguously the results and decision-making processes with appropriate metrics, considering all the risks involved, you will ensure that your staff’s behavior will be aligned with your organization objectives and interests.

Click here for more information about the module