How To Get Started and Become Certified

Step ONE – Decide which Certification is Right for You

Take a look at the certifications that we are offering you. We offer from introductory and foundational courses to Leaders level professional designations. Our programs will provide you with the latest research, best practices, cutting-edge tools, techniques, new frameworks and perspectives in Risk and Crisis Management.
To help guide your decision about which course is best for you, you can use our program search engine. You can also please contact u to speak to the Institute representative. You can contact us simply using the Contact Us form. The Customer Service staff can answer all your questions about our programs, seminars, workshops, exams, and other services.

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Step TWO – Talk to Your Employer

Your employer should be pleased that you have decided to take our Institute courses to further enhance the value that you create in your work. Most employers offer financial support to help you reach your professional and personal goals using our courses. Talk to your human resources or training director today about the proper procedures to sign up. Ask whether they pay us directly or if they reimburse you. It must be noted that your employer will get additional benefits and discounts by sending more than one staff to our programs.

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Step THREE – Register for Your Certification

It is best to register early in order to reserve a place in the program you want to attend. Go to the program registration page to complete our online registration form.

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Step FOUR – Arrange for Payment.

Upon receiving the invoice, please arrange immediately for payment. You may pay by check or by wire for international payments. We do not guarantee a space in the program until we receive your payment.

Step FIVE – Enjoy and Learn During Programs

Our promise is to deliver seminars steeped in value and opportunity. You will learn from our world-class faculty who reflect the international reputation of our partners, National University of Singapore (NUS Ext), Insurance Institute of America (IIA) and the Comprehensive Applied Risk Management (CARM) Institute for academic excellence and innovative teaching methods. We invite you to participate actively during the sessions and enjoy the intellectual stimulation flourishing within ARiMI’s professional learning community.


If after checking through our website, you have any more questions related to ARiMI and our programs, we are here to assist you.

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