Who is ARiMI and when was ARiMI founded?
Who are your Alumni and how have ARiMI certifications helped their organisations and in their career development?

ARiMI Certifications

What does ARiMI certification curriculum cover? How will it help in my job?
Why is ARiMI’s teaching approach better than other Certification Programs available?
What are the entry requirements for ARiMI Certification Programs?

Course and Exam Fees

What are the normal/ published course and exam fees for ARiMI Certification Programs?
What are the early bird course fees for the ARiMI Certification Programs and when does the early bird registration close?
Are there any early bird fees for the 3-day and 5-day Risk Master classes, the Risk bootcamp and 1-day workshops?
Is group discount applicable if we register 2 or more participants during the early bird registration for ARiMI Certification Programs?

Course Registration

Can I register for ARiMI course first and arrange to pay the fees on the day when the course commences?
What are the next steps after I submit my registration form? Can I arrange to pay the course fees before registration to secure a seat?
What are the terms of payment?
What do I expect after I have paid my course fees?

Course Administration

Does ARiMI have alternative dates of CCRO™, CRA™, CCMP™ and CPRP™ that enable me to attend all 4 modules within a week?
Can I register for a Certification Program and arrange to attend the modules over 2 intakes?
My company is not based in Singapore. Instead of having to arrange a number of my colleagues or clients to attend ARiMI workshops, bootcamps, Risk Master classes or Certification Programs in Singapore, can I arrange with ARiMI to conduct selected courses in my country?


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