Associate In Risk Management

The Institutes’ Exams

THE INSTITUTES Associate in Risk Management (ARM) program helps you enhance your risk management skills by teaching you how to build and implement a balanced risk financing strategy using retention, transfer, and hybrids.

Passing the required ARM exams earns the Associate in Risk Management designation.

The designations conferred by THE INSTITUTES (formerly known as AICPCU/IIA) represent an individual’s commitment to and standing within the insurance industry. The center offers comprehensive programs designed to provide candidates with the knowledge and skills they need to pass the national exams administered by THE INSTITUTES.

ARiMI is THE INSTITUTES-Approved On-Site Testing Center, and students based in Singapore can take the ARM Exams and any of THE INSTITUTES’ exams at ARiMI.

For complete information on The INSTITUTES’ exam policies and procedures, download THE INSTITUTES’ Exam Registration Booklet.

For more information or clarification, Customer Service can be reached at customerservice@TheInstitutes.org or +1 (800) 644-2101.

Testing Window Availability

THE INSTITUTES’ exams can be taken during the following testing windows:

  • 15th January – 15th March
  • 15th April – 15th June
  • 15th July – 15th September
  • 15th October – 15th December

You may take the same exam no more than two times in a given testing window, with a maximum of four times per calendar year.

Registration for THE INSTITUTES’ Exams

Candidates are required to register directly at THE INSTITUTES website for the Exams. Exam registration can be done online at http://www.aicpcu.org/register/ExamInfo.htm.

For more information or clarification, Customer Service can be reached at customerservice@TheInstitutes.org or +1 (800) 644-2101.

Preparation for Exam

To help you prepare for your exam, THE INSTITUTES have a variety of resources including their How to Prepare for Institutes Exams handbook, study aids, and exam demos. Their Exam Registration booklet provides details on grading, which you can also find outlined in the Grades tab. Please click here for more information and details.

Exam Appointment with ARiMI

Make your exam appointment with ARiMI at info@arimi.org for a date when you are ready to take the exam. ARiMI has 3 exam dates for each of the 4 testing windows. The availability of the exam date is subject to first-come-first-serve basis. You are advised to check with ARiMI at info@arimi.org for availability of the exam date before you proceed to register for the exam with THE INSTITUTES.

An on-site administration fee of S$325 per candidate is chargeable by ARiMI.

Message To All Examinees Regarding Rules of Conduct

For the protection of all Institute designation holders and students, the Institutes have Rules of Conduct that apply to all who take Institute exams. All examinees must abide by the Rules of Conduct as printed in the above-referenced exam registration booklets. The Rules of Conduct are also presented before an exam is administered and examinees must agree to the follow the Rules in order to be permitted to sit for an exam. To ensure the integrity of our respected industry credentials, the Institutes reserve the right to expunge the grades of or restrict future exam-taking for anyone who fails to abide by the Rules of Conduct during and after exam administration. To ensure the integrity of Institutes assessments, the Institutes employ analytical tools to determine if an irregularity occurred during a testing session.

THE INSTITUTES candidates are bound by the CPCU Code of Professional Ethics, which is available at http://www.aicpcu.org/doc/canons.pdf.


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