ARiMI LECP™ – Professional Learning & Competency Framework

ARiMI LECP™ – Professional Learning & Competency Framework

ARiMI programs are organised into 4 key dimensions of Risk Management knowledge and competencies, each focusing on relevant critical learning objectives:

The 4 dimensions are further re-grouped into 2 complementary Professional Certifications that tailor for the different priorities of professionals in organisations as illustrated in ARiMI LECP™ – Professional Learning & Competency Framework below:

Depending on your priorities and career plan, you can choose to follow either the Certified Professional Risk Manager – CPRM™ or Certified Enterprise-wide Risk Manager – CERM™ learning streams to build the knowledge and skills necessary to support your specific career and personal development needs. If you wish to acquire a more in-depth mastery of the entire Risk Management field, you should aim to complete these 2 Professional Certifications.

The ARiMI LECP Framework provides a learning roadmap that culminates with the Fellow in Strategic Risk Management (ARiMI-FSRM™) Designation, which you can strive to pursue when you have successfully attained both the ARiMI-CPRM™ or ARiMI-CERM™ Certifications.

ARiMI also delivers Fundamental Certifications to answer the specific learning needs of various professionals:

The modular structure of our programs offers busy professionals from all over the world the flexibility to complete the Certified Professional Risk Manager – CPRM™ and the Certified Enterprise-wide Risk Manager – CERM™ at the pace that suits your work and personal schedule: 1-day Workshops, 3-day & 5-day Master Classes, and 4-day & 8-day Certification Programs.

We are also the Institute-approved on-site testing location for The American Institute for CPCU / Insurance Institute of America (IIA):

Altogether, our core programs provide a comprehensive learning roadmap designed to answer the most demanding career and personal development needs of a wide range of professionals coming from various functions and industries. Risk Professionals and Professionals paving their ways towards becoming Risk Professionals will not only acquire new knowledge and skills, but they will also gain recognition for their experience and expertise by earning Professional Titles and Certifications.


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