Executive Corporate Coaching

As with any significant change, the adoption of Enterprise Risk Management in organization is daunting challenge. It is fundamentally a learning development process of building awareness, developing buy-in from the top, developing the knowledge/skills to design and implement ERM and ultimately driving the engagement & ownership throughout the entire organization. It requires both technical and soft skills.

Of course various types of training throughout the process will be critical to the success of the ERM project. However, it may not be enough!

All too often, training is a one-time event and through time, and in spite of the best intentions, without proper follow up the concepts and skills learned will dissipate.

Our Coaching program will enhance your organization training investment by providing the effective support and follow up to the key leaders and managers who are confronted with the challenge making difficult decisions in a very difficult environment and need to understand how risk and the way they perceive it will affect they ability to deliver value for their organizations.

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