Welcome to ARiMI (Asia Risk Management Institute)

ARiMI is the leading Risk professional education and research institution in Asia established in 2003 (formerly known as Asian Risk Management Institute) to answer the need for risk management, professional education and research in Asia. ARiMI initially established a strategic partnership with NUS Extension to jointly offer ARiMI's programs to the marketplace. This successful partnership continued from 2004 to 2013 when ARiMI decided to take its programs out due to internal re-organisational changes within NUS; NUS Extension was absorbed into NUS Enterprise and effectively ceased operations. With effect from 2013, ARiMI has been offering its most recognised certifications and other learning programs on its own directly to the business marketplace.

From the beginning, ARiMI's focus has been to provide an effective solution to the practical learning needs of business professional as today's global and volatile economy requires that leaders and managers have access to the latest risk management thinking and tools to competitively position their businesses, ensuring survival and growth well into the future.

Over these years, ARiMI has trained Risk Professionals/ Academia, Senior Management and Executives across industries (Healthcare, Petrochemical, Finance, Telecommunications, Transport, Media etc.), in Professional Consulting firms, Government Ministries and Statutory Boards, Universities, Academies and Training Firms regionally.

ARiMI provides the business community with the latest research, best practices, cutting-edge tools and techniques, and new frameworks and perspectives in Risk and Crisis Management. You will learn from our experienced faculty through innovative programmes and teaching methods.

We are dedicated to serving the professional educational needs in Risk Management of the business community. By offering a wide range of open enrollment and custom programs, the Asia Risk Management Institute assist the professional development of executives, managers, and leaders in all types of firms and organizations. Our promise is to deliver seminars steeped in value and opportunity. We invite you to share our commitment to lifelong learning and to enjoy the intellectual stimulation flourishing within ARiMI’s professional learning community.

ARiMI's Activities at a Glance
ARiMI's Mission

In this time of extraordinary change throughout the world, our clarity of purpose is important. As a professional educational institution, our mission is to promote a stimulating learning environment that brings together people, cultures and ideas from around the world to:

  • Nurture the growing understanding of the importance of Risk Management in Asia and of its rightful place in the toolbox used by organizations to face the challenges of a global and unstable economic and business environment
  • Develop field-based research programs to create new knowledge, methodologies and enduring concepts that will shape the practice of risk and crisis management in Asia
  • Create and disseminate risk management knowledge that responds to the needs of the business community, aligning Learning Objectives to Business Strategies through our innovative programs
  • Develop risk management professionals whose actions create value for their organization and their communities
ARiMI's Core Values
Openness and Diversity

We believe that we learn through the exchange of ideas and experiences. Therefore, we are open to diversity, respectful of differing views and free from any dominant culture or dogma.

Teaching Excellence

All seminar trainers are experienced lecturers. The seminars are based on proven teaching principles and sound didactic approaches. We encourage diversity in teaching methods, with no single school-of-thought predominating. What matters is the creative impact on participants in the classroom and on business practices at work.

Rigor and Relevance in Research

We encourage diversity to stimulate and lead research on challenges and issues faced by companies in Asia, as they strive to manage risks efficiently to create Value. We will not let any single methodology predominate in our research approach but we will ensure the rigor in the research methodological process.

Closeness to the Business World

We partner with major companies to explore, develop and disseminate risk management knowledge and ensure the continuing relevance of our programs. We aim to build a platform to facilitate and stimulate discussion and learning among faculty and business managers.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We are eager to experiment and innovate in both the contents of our programs and the methods of delivery.

ARiMI Graduates & Participants

Majority of the participants and graduates of the ARiMI Programs are sponsored by their organisations and you can find these graduates in many industry sectors and organizations around Asia: