CHRP™ - Certified Human Resource Risk Practitioner
Certificate in Human Resource Risk Planning & Management

Whatever is your position and function, if you mismanage your organization’s “greatest asset” - your employees - this may be the end of the road for your organization. Incompetent, ineffective, de-motivated, etc. employees/managers/leaders at every level of an organization not only generates tremendous waste of resources at very high cost, but also inevitably lead to destructive behaviors that will threaten the survival of many organizations.

Hence, the purpose of the CHRP™ Program is to equip HR professionals and managers with the methodologies and tools necessary to understand how to influence people’s behavior and nurture an organizational culture that supports optimal performance.

The CHRP™ designation is awarded by the Asia Risk Management Institute (ARiMI) in association with National University of Singapore (NUS Ext) who is awarding a Certificate in Human Resource Risk Planning & Management. It is a professional development program for executives to managers that takes place at the NUS Extension @ Kent Ridge in Singapore.

Objectives of Program

CHRP™ is your passport to nurture a highly effective workforce and culture!

Understand how to - within the ERM framework - manage YOUR PEOPLE, who are your organization’s greatest asset and liability!

Objective 1: Establish and implement a structured approach to identify, forecast & monitor risks associated with Human Capital

Objective 2: Transform your people through effective talent management design and communication strategies dealing with ‘dead weight’ of ineffective staff

Objective 3: Design effective performance management systems using metrics that really motivate people to work in the best interest of their organizations

Modular Structure for Busy Professionals

To allow participants to integrate our program into their work schedule, the CHRP™ Program is conducted several times each year. Each program can be completed within 2 months.

Please check out the different intakes and how the 5 days are scheduled by referring to the "Calendar & Fees" tab. Alternatively, please Contact Us to request for the CHRP™ Program Calendar 2013.

Who Should Join the Program
What are the BENEFITS of the Program for You & Your Organization?





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Program Modules

The CHRP™ Program consists of 5 workshop modules and provides a comprehensive and structured learning path both in scope and depth covering the field of Human Resources Risk Management:

    The Essentials of Human Risk Management
    CCM1 ERM Foundations: Principles, Theories & Practices 1 day
    CCM8 Business Ethics & Social Responsibility 1 day
    EKM4 Human Resource Risk Management 1 day
    Key Areas of Practice for Human Risk Management  
    EKM7 Fraud Risk Management 1 day
    EKM12 Health & Safety Risk Management 1 day


    The Learning Journey

    The 5 workshop modules are spread over either 4 months.The physical time on site represents 5 days as follows:

    • Attend 3 foundational modules on HR Risk Management Process (CCM1, CCM8 & EKM4)
    • Attend 2 practice modules (EKM7 & EKM12)

    To obtain the Certification, participants are required to pass successfully the required assessment for accreditation purposes (more information in Section: Program Assessment).


    Program Assessment

    Assessment is necessary to ensure the quality of the graduates by reviewing the candidate's ability to meet the requirements of the Certification.

    Requirements to be Fulfilled by Candidates Seeking to Obtain CHRP™ Certification


    Program Certification

    Earn dual certifications by NUS Extension and by ARiMI. Upon completion of the program's requirements for the workshop modules, assignments and examination, candidates will be awarded:

    • Certified Human Resource Risk Practitioner (CHRP™) Designation by ARiMI
    • Certificate in Human Resource Risk Planning & Management by NUS Extension


    Progress to CPRM™ or CERM™ after CHRP™

    The CHRP™ Program is a powerful learning experience, but it is only 1 step in your professional development journey.

    For Your Next Step in Professional Learning Development




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Innovative Learning Methods & Format

How you learn is as important as What you learn

The basis of the CHRP™ is a strong problem-solving approach and has been specifically designed for busy professionals. We know that square pegs don't fit into round holes! That people with different background and experiences react and learn differently.

Hence, the program follows a UNIQUE experiential learning format and real-life business case studies that ensures you can build on your professional experience to quickly apply the new knowledge and skills acquired in your workplace to resolve your professional challenges.

Our Learning Principles are as follows:

1. Interactive Experiential Learning Format
2. Build Practical Knowledge & Skills
3. Provide Multiple/Blended Learning Formats
4. Foster Learning Ownership & Peer Exchange
5. Start a Life-Long Learning Process
6. Allow Flexible Learning to Combine Work & Study


Expert Program Faculty

For this program, you will learn from ARiMI very experienced Faculty. Participants will have the advantage of learning from leading Experts in the field of risk management who have practical experience through their advisory and consulting work and through interaction with executives in a variety of higher education programs. Our Trainers are highly credentialed practitioners, scholars, skilled educators, groundbreaking researchers, and entrepreneurs. They will bring to the participants a wealth of knowledge and experience that will be very useful in the work of the participants. For more information click on the name of the faculty below:

Marc Ronez,
Lead Master Trainer

Dr Er Jwee Ping,
Master Trainer



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Program Calendar Overview for 2013

We have several intakes per calendar year. Hence, busy professionals will be able find an intake that suits their work schedules, thus allowing them to plan ahead.

Courses and dates are correct at the time of publishing.
Participants are fully responsible for all travel arrangements, accommodation and associated costs.
Participants are to register for the intake whereby they are able to complete all 5 modules and sit for the exam in the intake they have registered for, as postponement of any module or exam will not be allowed.

FLEXIBLE LEARNING PACE to Balance Learning and Working Effectively

CHRP™ Program requires participants to complete, not in any particular order,CCM1, CCM8, EKM4, EKM7 and EKM12.

To allow participants to integrate our program into their work schedule, the CHRP™ Program takes place in modular periods. Thus they can select an intake which allows them to complete the 5-day program over a 2-month period.

Program & Exam Fees

Certificate Program Package
5 modules in a total of 5 days Course Fee
(w.e.f. 1 Jan 13)
Course Fees including GST 7% SGD 3,885.00
Workshop sessions and facilitation
Course contents guides and instructional materials for future reference
Templates of key risk management tools
Interaction with risk management peers
Coffee breaks during workshop days
Forum with Risk Experts
Semi-annual networking events to meet peers from previous batches
Complimentary 1-year membership to the Asian Risk Management Society (alumni association)
Exam Fee (nett, GST not charged) SGD 295

Note: The above-mentioned activites and items are subject to change

Grants & Discounts Available:

We have discounts/grants for the program. Check below to see the type of discounts available, which you may be eligible to apply. Please also note that discounts are not applicable to examination fees.

a) Fee Sponsored by Company/Organisation
b) Fee Paid by Participant


  • Any discounts offered by ARiMI and/or NUS Extension (including group discounts) to the program fee require payment by due date stated in program fee invoice.
  • All discount offers cannot be combined with any other offer. Discounts are not applicable to examination fees.
  • Registrants are entitled to only one category of discount. Multiple claim of discounts are not allowed.




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Participants Profile

Participants are expected to come from a wide range of industry bringing a wealth of perspectives on critical Risk Management issues in the classroom. Take this opportunity to build your network with a peers group of risk professionals from a wide range of industries and learn from direct industry experience in managing Risks.

Expected Group Profile Snapshot:

  • Strong academic background
  • International exposure & mindset
  • Age range: 20's to late 30's
  • Strong leadership potential and maturity

Testimonials from Past Participants

This is a new program designed to answer the demand from our corporate clients for a certification focusing on Risk Assessment.

Corporate Sponsors

Corporate support is an important factor to the success of the participants within the ARiMI-NUS programs. As such, formal corporate endorsement is welcome for the application submitted by candidates and will allow the organisation to generate more value from the CHRP™ Program.

Should your organization wish work more closely with us so as to ensure that they can reap the benefits of the programme, you can request to have a one-to-one visit with an ARiMI-NUS Program adviser, simply contact us by registering online here.




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