ARiMI Affiliate Program

Welcome to the ARiMl Affiliate Partner Programme,

Would you like to promote and sell ARiMI highly recognized of ERM Learning suite of programmes with NUS?

We offer an interesting commission structure to partners who can sell our Certifications and Workshops programs. The products included in the affiliate program are as follows:


Enterprise Risk Manager (ERM) and Professional Diploma in Enterprise Risk 
Planning & Management
Certified Professional Risk Manager (CPRM™) and Professional Certificate in Risk
Planning & Management
Certified Risk Analyst (CRA™) and Certificate in Organisational Risk Analysis &
Certified Project Risk Planner (CPRP™) and Certificate in Project Risk Analysis & Management
Certified Human Resource Risk Practitioner (CHRP™) and Certificate in Human 
Resource Risk Planning & Management
Certified Compliance Risk Officer (CCRO™) and Certificate in Regulatory Risk &
Organisational Compliance

How does it work?

Partners who join the programme will get access to various marketing resources and features that can help them to promote and sell our programmes within their market. Once your registration has been accepted, you are an affiliate for any of the above-mentioned products. You will get a referral code and an affiliate link to put anywhere you would like (website, email, posts, etc). You can also set up a banner ad on your website pages (more explanations will be provided once you are an affiliate).

How to Sign Up as an Affiliate

Signing up to be an affiliate is simple — You just need to simply complete our online Registration Form and we will contact you shortly.

To get started, simply complete our online Registration Form and we will contact you shortly.